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Enter a Username or a Link to a Story, click the Download Link and enjoy your Video! it even works on mobile!

Photos, Videos & Stories

You can download stories and posts of public accounts.

Profile Photos

You can download profile photos.

Private Posts

You can even download private stories from private accounts if you are logged into Instagram.

How to Download Instagram Stories?
Instagram story downloader Online the easiest way to download and save all videos pictures and stories you like.
1- Open Instagram.
2- Copy the link to a story, photo or video that you like.
3- Paste the link into the input field on alternatively you can simply enter the username.
4- Download!
Yes, it's that simple, it works on any platform PC, Mac or Mobile (Android, iPhone) without having to install an app

It's simple and 100% Free!

The Advantages :
- You don't need to install an app.
- You can view and download any Instagram story anonymously. is the easiest and fastest way to download stories from Instagram without the need for an app. But not only stories but also photos and videos can be downloaded quickly and easily with

How can I download stories from Instagram quickly and easily?
Simply enter the username in the input field or copy the link to the story, photo or video and paste it into the input field. Then simply click on the button below the input field. The profile of the Instagram user will be loaded and you will see the profile information on the left and on the right you will find the media that you want to download. To download the media, simply click on the small blue button in the upper left corner of the picture / video.
That's it, your desired file will be downloaded!

Does the downloader also work on Iphone?
Yes, of course, the download of Instagram stories, photos and videos on also works on the iPhone without an app! Just follow the steps from above and after clicking on the little blue button labeled "JPEG / MP4". A window opens, this window is confirmed by clicking on "Load". The file is loaded and when you click on the little blue arrow next to the input bar. Then you can simply load the file into an app such as WhatsApp or via Airdrop using the "Share" icon at the bottom of the navigation bar, and you can also save the file in the media library.

Is it safe?
Yes! is 100% safe! the connection from your computer to our server is encrypted using an SSL certificate. We also do not save any data about you or your search behavior or your downloads. So you don't have to worry about legal problems and you can continue downloading Instagram Stories without worrying!